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San Diego Botanic Gardens Wedding Photographer // Adam + Paula

January 1, 2019

So the story of Paula and Adam is a bit unique and close to my heart. I’ll never forget the first email I got from them asking about me as a photographer and pricing, etc. Paula mentioned that she valued candid, raw emotion in photos and that she connected with my work in that way. But it wasn’t the compliment she gave me about  my work that made me so happy. It was when she said, “As a wife-to-be, I was touched reading about your relationship with your wife and I am sure that your honesty draws many people in, as it has done with me and Adam.” This is what this is all about! I’m a softy…and reading that in her email made me tear up a tiny bit. I got so happy and emailed back immediately. It’s rare to connect with a couple almost instantly through email.

I was so excited when they told me they wanted me as their photographer. These two have the kindest hearts you’ll ever know. I’m so happy we’re friends now! Oh…and I forgot to mention: They asked me to join the after-party once the wedding was over. And I was definitely shakin’ my groove thang with the wedding party afterwards! It felt like hanging with a huge group of close friends.

P.S. This wedding receives the award of best looking guests/wedding party…ever. Just look for yourself.



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